Complete Guide to Markdown Basics  -Pavan

Complete Guide to Markdown Basics -Pavan

Markdown is another language frequently used by developers on GitHub to document their code. Markdown is simple yet powerful and has enough features to describe the document. we try to provide basic syntax along with a sample example.


Every page should have at least one Heading and usually, H1 is reserved for most important title, in markdown, every heading starts with a # sign One # marks H1 and ## corresponds to H2 similarly we can mark up to six # sign to represent H6


Complete guide to Markdown

Bold and Italics

To Mark content as Bold and Italic, we use two stars * before the content & single makes content italics

example : Bold italic Make Bold and Italic

Insert Image into the Markdown file You can insert images to the markdown files using where [] contains ALT Text and () contains actual link of the image

example CatPhots

ordered List You can insert the ordered list by simply providing numbers to list below is example of ordered list

Three things cats love

  1. Milk
  2. mouse
  3. Purring

unordered list You can make the list un-ordered by simply adding - sign before content example

##Your favorite fruit

  • Mango
  • Apple
  • Orrange